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NonCommercial ShareAlike

Justin Callaghan
Digitization, design, and font development

Bill Shelly
Additional design and samples

Joshua Jones
Additional design

Robert Johnson
Letter samples

John Hornbuckle
Additional research and samples

John Hansen
Additional research and samples

John Yaglenski and Erwin Denissen
Technical consultation

Waltograph v4.2
Drawing inspiration from various Disney logos, signage, and hand-titled artwork, WALTOGRAPH is an original font that attempts to capture the spirit of the familiar Walt Disney logotype.
Updates in version 4.2 include a new title (formerly Walt Disney Script), new license, some new ligatures and alternates (see included text file), plus the introduction of a separate unicase font, WALTOGRAPH UI, which is designed for increased legibility at small sizes and on computer screens.
WALTOGRAPH UI makes for a novel Windows titlebar font. This tutorial explains how to set it up under Display Properties.

From One Man's Dream at Disney MGM Studios

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