Waltographing Your Windows Titlebars
  1. Download and install the Waltograph UI font. Waltograph UI is a unicase variation of Waltograph, which works better for smaller text such as titlebars. Full installation instructions can be found in the main FAQ.
  2. Open the Display Properties dialog. This can be accessed through the Control Panel under “Appearance and Themes,” or by right-clicking an empty area on the desktop and choosing “Properties”.
    (Windows 7: right click the desktop and choose “Personalize.”)
  3. In Display Properties, click the Appearance tab.
    (Windows 7: choose “Window Color” from the bottom row.)
    Display Properties dialog
  4. In the Appearance tab, click the “Advanced” button.
    (Windows 7: click “Advanced appearance settings...”)
    Appearance tab in Display Properties
  5. In the Advanced Appearance dialog, choose Active Title Bar from the Item menu, and select Waltograph UI from the Font menu. Increase the size to your liking. 14 is a good size for larger monitors, but the font is legible at smaller sizes. Note that the titlebar size adjusts automatically to the font size; you may want to bump up the titlebar size if you're using a smaller font size. Click OK to close the Advanced Appearance dialog.
    Advanced Appearance dialog
  6. (optional, XP only) Click the Effects button to open the Effects dialog and see what type of font-smoothing is active. Standard is the default, but if you have an LCD monitor or laptop, try changing it to ClearType. Click OK to close the Effects dialog.
    Effects dialog
  7. Click Apply. After a few moments, the changes will become active. If everything looks good, click OK to close the Display Properties dialog. Otherwise:
    • If the title bar text is too large or small, go back into Advanced Appearance and adjust the size.
    • If you activated ClearType and smaller text now looks too fuzzy, go back into Effects and revert the font smoothing to Standard. It's also possible to further adjust ClearType settings using Microsoft's ClearType Tuner.
      (Windows 7: Microsoft's ClearType Text Tuner is built in to the Control Panel; click Appearance and Personalization » Display » Adjust ClearType text.)

    Display Properties dialog after changes
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