An Incomplete Listing of Typefaces Seen at Walt Disney World, etc.

Since listing all of the typefaces used at Walt Disney World would be impossible, and a huge waste of time, here's a list of just the few that I've noticed, and the locations at which I recall seeing them (yes, still a huge waste of time).

I've attempted to group them loosely into categories, which are listed in the navigation menu to the right. As a native Floridian, my list is biased strongly toward fonts used at Walt Disney World in Florida, although some other theme parks and general Disney-related fonts are also covered. Most of these are commercial fonts which may be viewed and purchased at or other vendors. I've included inline samples for some of the more notable fonts; click on others to open a search at

For the benefit of general Disney fans, scrapbookers, and the indigent, I've linked to some freeware fonts in the final sections (some of which were developed here at

As noted in the FAQ, Disney has a history of creating customized designs for logos and lettering, particularly when it comes to major properties and attraction marquees. The parks also use some legacy type designs that have never been digitized into computer fonts, as well as proprietary fonts designed in-house. With a few exceptions, this list is limited to digital fonts that are publicly available.

Tip: To quickly find a typeface associated with a particular area or attraction, use your browser's Find operation, usually located in the Edit menu. To "Find As You Type" in Firefox or Opera, press the forward slash key '/' followed by the search term. Then use the F3 key to jump to the next occurrence.

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